November 2021 Top Biopharma Deal: Sanofi – Owkin artificial intelligence and federated learning platform to advance Sanofi’s oncology pipeline

by | Dec 8, 2021

November 2021 Top Biopharma Deal Upfront

Owkin discovery and development deal with Sanofi for AI models for cancer

Announced: November 18, 2021

Total Deal Value: $270M + Mst

Upfront Cash: none

Upfront Equity: $180M

R&D Funding: $90M over 3 years

Milestones: undisclosed R&D Mst

Royalty: n/a

Cost and Profit Split: n/a

The Asset:

Owkin’s artificial intelligence and federated learning platform to support digital clinical research in Sanofi’s core oncology efforts in 4 different cancers.

Deal Structure:

R&D Only

Partnership Features:

Collaborative Development, Funded R&D

The Details:

  • Owkin will receive a $180M upfront equity investment, $90M in R&D funding over 3 years, and is eligible for additional undisclosed R&D milestones.
  • Sanofi will apply Owkin’s artificial intelligence (AI) and federated learning platform to advance its oncology pipeline, which includes non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), triple-negative breast cancer, mesothelioma, and multiple myeloma. This research partnership agreement will allow Sanofi to work closely with Owkin to identify new oncology treatments across 4 cancers.
  • Sanofi will use the Owkin platform to find new biomarkers and therapeutic targets, build prognostic models, and predict response to treatment from multimodal patient data.
  • Owkin’s global research network is powered by federated learning, which allows data scientists to securely connect to decentralized, multi-party data sets to train AI models without having to pool data. This approach will complement Sanofi’s developments oncology.

Last Month:

Congrats to Owkin and Sanofi for landing DealForma’s November 2021 Top Biopharma Deal. Last month’s Deal of the Month was Xencor – Janssen for Plamotamab and XmAb Bispecific Antibodies. Read about it here.

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